Tarot Magick Course


Tarot Magick is a practical course in the art of creating change in alignment with our will and intention by incorporating the tarot as a tool by using its structure and correspondences for day to day magickal workings.


Magick and tarot are both very expansive areas, my aim for this course is to stay practical and simple enough so you can start to create change in your life using just your tarot deck and a few correspondences.

The tarot is one of my favourite tools to use for magick, it contains symbols corresponding to kabbalah, astrology and alchemy which makes it a very effective tool for day to day magickal workings.

On this course you will learn:

• How to align yourself to the elements, the phases of the moon and to find your current state.

• How to create change in your life from one state to another using the minor arcana and the structure of the tarot deck.

• Simple spellcrafting, casting a circle and incorporating candle magick.

• Working with astrological, elemental and planetary correspondences of the major arcana.

• Using the archetypal forces of the major arcana with basic pathworking and dreamworking.

• Embodying the levels of energy of the court cards.

• Combining correspondences to consolidate the spellcrafting and enhance your magick.

The course contains 5 x video lessons and 18 pdf documents.


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