The brutal honesty of Gypsy Cards

Ask any reader and they will confess to an ever growing collection of decks. My relatively small collection is around 50 tarot decks, 30 lenormand decks, 20 oracle style decks, 2 kipper decks and 1 brand new shiny set of gypsy cards.

Every tarot deck brings its own personality to the language of tarot. For me it’s a nuance based mostly through the visual metaphor of art. Other card systems, like lenormand, kipper or gypsy cards each have their own unique language and I think that some languages are better suited than others to answer certain types of questions.

Eager to learn how to use my gorgeous new gypsy deck, I joined a course by the deck creator and founder of the World Divination Association, Toni Puhle – otherwise known as The Card Geek. Her gypsy deck is inclusive and progressive, with bold, bright artwork that is contemporary and extremely easy to read, the card stock feels great to shuffle, and you can find it here.

The course is run as a 6 day live mentored group with two teachers, Toni Puhle and Brant Williams, including 6 classes of video instruction, comprehensive written material, private facebook class with daily interaction, feedback and discussion with both teachers and certification of completion.

Day 1 of the gypsy card course seemed innocent enough, the cards themselves have similarities to other European cartomancy systems. I thought how different can they be?

We covered the basics, card meanings and simple combinations.

My first read was simple enough, but it didn’t take too long to realise these cards were honest, really honest.

What influences me today?

Letter + Misfortune

gypsy cards

Putting my keywords together I interpret this as written communications that are difficult and problematic.

By that evening I was indeed involved in a series of disastrous miscommunicated text messages that just went from bad to worse until I went to bed in tears.

Can’t say I wasn’t warned! When the gypsy cards say something, I’m beginning to realise, it is a good idea to listen.

On day 2 we begin to learn about inauspicious and auspicious placements, or the placement of cards that will be easier to deal with for the querent and those that will be more difficult in nature for the querent.

The cards continue to bare my soul and hit me in the face with it at the same time. My  interpretations in the group become more obtuse as I am feeling more and more exposed.

the card geek gypsy cards

What would Day 3 bring? These Gypsy cards were telling me my life like no other deck had before, and I thought the lenormand cards were direct!

Days 3 and 4 – and the focus is on the Significators or who the people are in the deck, and spread placements, what we are thinking and what we are ignoring. Then we move to directionality, cause and effect and the relationships between the cards. I love using visual cues when I read, and I am very impressed with the directionality in this deck.

Describe your personality at this point in time?

If you dare.

It was here where the students in the facebook group really saw the honesty of this system. Revelations that they were their own worst enemies, or they were hiding behind false veils of happiness, these deceptively simple cards revealed deep insights into what their core personalities were focused on right now, uncovering influences, open traits, hidden traits and character traits.

gypsy cards

Penultimate Day 5 comes around way too quickly with the lover / sweetheart cross. This is the spread to answer that perennial question “what does he/she think about me?”

My daughter has plagued me night and day since the course to read this spread for her.  And it is also a great way to clarify your own feelings.

On the final day we cover freestyle reading and putting it all together – the card meanings, significators, auspicious and inauspicious placements, directionality and then how to interpet all of that knowledge into real language.

By the end of this amazing course, I have another new favourite card system and I simply can’t wait now for the next level of this course to continue my love affair with these mind blowing and brutally honest gypsy cards.